Experience of extended warranty with Best Buy

As you know from my latest post, I broke my D810.

More than two years ago, I spent the extra money to buy Geek Squad Protection with the camera from Best Buy. At the time it was expensive, the camera along with the protection and tax was north of 3800 USD. You might ask, "Why Best Buy?" It was because of their Geek Squad Protection. I was told by my peers that they received full value camera replacements for their camera repairs.  I didn't know how it was going to work out, how effective or what not, but it was time for me to find out. 

I took the camera in to Best Buy, and I was told that it had to be sent in to their camera repair contractors first.  Only by the 3rd time the camera will be swapped out, or if the camera is determined to be Junked Out.  For diagnostics, I've listed every single thing wrong with the camera from the years of abuse, including but not limited to:  Failed flash system, dust in pentaprism, dust in viewfinder, loose viewfinder shell, expanding grip rubber, mark on focus screen, and more.  The camera was sent in, and a week later I received an email instructing me to call Best Buy.  I called and found out that the camera was going to be junked out.  Apparently it cost more to fix the camera of all the faults I listed than to junk the camera out for a replacement.

By this time I wasn't sure whether they will give me the full value I paid for the camera, or switch out for another of the same camera.  The GSP was fulfilled, so I would have to pay 300 dollars again if I want the new camera to be covered.  Turns out, they've refunded me the entire purchase price (minus the GSP), instead of providing me with a replacement.  Over the course of 2 years, the camera dropped in price, and after purchasing the same camera and the extra protection, I still have over 500USD left over in store credit.

The manufacturer's warranty only covers one year, and it will void itself when they believe you have what they called "impact damage", which I hear they use liberally.  Best Buy will cover drop and spill in their warranty, as well as accidental damage.  For anyone else, it's probably not necessary to buy the extra protections, but for those of us who abuses our cameras as a part of our job description, I highly recommend it.  You never know when something will happen and destroy your camera.

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