Quick tip: traveling and charging camera batteries

Often I take 2-3 different types of cameras with me on jobs and trips. You can imagine how bulky the chargers adds up to when I shoot with 3 cameras during a wedding.  So I've discovered these small Micro USB powered chargers for various camera batteries.  If you use the generic 3rd party chargers then you're already familiar with these.  Basically these are the generic chargers without the AC-DC circuitry.  So what it allows is space saving of 50% over the generic chargers and much more over the OEM chargers.  I have two of these for every camera battery type that I own.  They're great for back ups to your bigger charger and as well as being the main charger too.

Above is an image of how small the charger is compared to the OEM Fuji NP-95 charger.

Various sellers from eBay sells them, as well as a reputable seller on Amazon.  You can find these chargers here.

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